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 About USC

1960 - Present - View 50+ Years Of Our Company's History

Customer service remains our priority and in the 50+ years since our founding, only 1 complaint has ever been filed with any better business bureau that we know of. A record we challenge any company to match.

U.S. Computer Corporation


World Events


Computer Events 

USC Founded 1960 John Kennedy Wins 1960 Cobol Invented
1st Custom Systems Software Developed 1968 Moon Landing 1968 1st Network Conceived

1st Custom System Delivered

1969   1969 4 Computers Networked*

1st Mini Computer Sold

1972 George Wallace Shot 1972 E-Mail Invented
1st Time Share System 1975   1975 Microsoft Founded
New Age Electronics Opens 1978 Sony introduces the Walkman 1978 200,000 Home Computers Worldwide
1st Personal Computer 1980 R. Reagan Elected 1980 TCP Protocol Invented
Incorporated as
U.S. Computer Corporation


Challenger Accident 1986 Intel's 286 Chip Released
1st IBM Custom PC Clone Delivered   IBM "AT" Introduced
1st Products Shipped To Europe 1992 Bill Clinton Elected 1992 50 Web Pages Exist*
1st Pentium Delivered 1993 Waco Texas 1993 Web Browsers Invented
1st Web Site 1995 O.J. Simpson Trial 1995 Windows 95 Released
1st Internet Sale 1997 Mars Pathfinder 1997 1 Million Web Users
Millionth Item Delivered & MyRamStore.Com Opened 2000 New Millennium 2000 1 Billion Computers
MyProgramStore.Com & Opened 2001 Sept 11 Tragedy 2001  Windows XP Opened 2002 Freedom For Afghanistan 2002 2 Gigahertz Pentium
/  Operations Began
Software Development
2003 Iraq War Begins 2003 3 Gigahertz Pentium
USCLargo.Net, PCHelp.Blog.Com
Websites Created
2006 Iraq Govt Formed 2006  Intel® Core™2 Duo processor
  2007   2007 Windows Vista

*Worldwide Total


U.S. Computer Corporation: 1960 - Present.

The Story Of Our 50 Years Of Success

U.S. Computer Corporation grew from a company whose original operations were begun in 1960 as a privately owned communications and electronics company representing industry leaders such as Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, and General Electric.  We started out using an old WWII Army barracks as a shop and made calls to customers in a Studebaker pickup and Dodge panel truck. We installed communication and TV antennas on towers and roofs and serviced communication equipment, televisions and home electronics. In 1961 we opened our first retail electronics store and by 1962 were leasing equipment to commercial customers and servicing business and retail customers in 2 states.

In 1968 we entered the digital computer field as Information Associates and by 1972 delivered our first mini computer as Northwest Computer Group. In 1975 Northwest Computer Group established a partnership offering customized mini computers, software, and time share services to the business, government, and educational communities. We wrote and developed customizable software and integrated the software into mini computers to support those customers  We connected computers between cities and companies long before it become a common practice and decades before there were graphical web browsers.

By 1976 our customers could and were dialing into our time sharing services from terminals in remote cities. Our first 'online' customers included a nationwide insurance underwriter, a nationwide industrial contractor, and a public housing authority.  

In 1977 our founders began preparation for a shift from the mini computer to what would eventually become the micro computer and the present personal computer market. 

Under the trade name New Age Electronics founded in 1978 we became one of America's largest and most successful Commodore Amiga dealers. Small personal computers were here and we shared the excitement, enthusiasm and joy of personal computing.

In 1986 we incorporated under our present corporate structure as U.S. Computer Corporation. The same year we diversified into the IBM PC personal and business markets shipping our first 6 IBM compatible machines to a state education agency in the northeast.

By 1987 home and business customers could dial in to our co owned operations and BBS and download files and obtain support and other information online. Not for the hundreds of dollars a month it had cost our customers just 11 years earlier, but for free.

Shortly thereafter our owners officially registered a U.S. copyright on our first accounting package for an IBM PC and our focus became the rapidly expanding market for PC's in business, education, government and in the home.

In 1992 we consolidated all retail operations under our present name, concentrating on the ever expanding personal computer market and ways to efficiently network people and computers.

In 1993 we began shipping some computer products and communication products to customers as far away as Europe.

In 1994 we went on the air with our weekly half hour TV show featuring staff members and people telephoning in for help. We continued that show through 1999.

By 1995 we had preliminary sites running on the internet. When graphical browsers replaced telnet and ftp commands and web browsing became a reality, we were there.

In 1997 we began selling products on the internet. Twenty one years after we had first initiated computer services online to customers 50 miles away for thousands of dollars a month, we now provided services around the world for free.

By the end of 1999 we had delivered over 1 million products* to customers worldwide and by 2005 our customers can choose from over 6,000,000 products on our online sites.

Customer service remains our priority and in the nearly 50 years since our beginnings, only 1 complaint has ever been filed with any better business bureau that we know of. A record we challenge any company to match.

Today we are both an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Reseller of IBM compatible computers, hardware, software, electronics, books and other consumer products, internet services, product support, service, and training.

As the 21st Century began, we entered web partnerships and/or associations with IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq, Micron and 100's of other major brick and mortar players as well as hundreds of popular web only companies such as Amazon.  Our new 21st century web partnership based web stores include U.S. Computer Web Services,,,,,, SoftSavers, as well as our to original 20th century sites,,  and

With our customer base ranging from the United States to Canada, the Americas,  Europe, Asia, and Australia we are now offering products via the internet to most of the world.

Our internet services include web hosting, email, domain name registration, and custom and ecommerce web development. Every day we sell consumer products all over the world.

Our own web pages include company policies, products, services, pricing, classes, on line ordering, driver downloads, over 260,000 software downloads, clearance and closeout items and product information and sales of over 1 million products.

Unless clearly marked otherwise all of our products are brand new and not factory seconds or refurbished units or overstocks, discontinued products or otherwise (as offered by many mail order and internet vendors).

None of our products are 'gray market' and all carry the manufacturer's warranty unless noted otherwise. Read our comments on quality.  

We believe our outstanding success is due to our strong customer support which includes classes, one to one training, and just being there when you need us. It is also important that you know that we respect and protect your privacy and your security.

We invite you to become a customer and experience not only the joy of personal computing but the safety and comfort of dealing with an established reputable company.



Companies with names similar to ours that are not affiliated with U.S. Computer Corporation.


* consolidated companies


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Serving planet earth since 1960

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Did you know?

U.S. Computer Corporation began leasing communications products to commercial customers in 1962