Mark Curtis at our Pinellas County Florida PC Repair & Computer Store. Mark has over 15 years experience in computer sales, computer upgrades and computer repair service. U.S. Computer Corporation offers personal computer products repair service & upgrades.  Click for list of U.S. Computer Corporation websites. Computer Sales + PC & Cell Phone Service & Upgrades

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U.S. Computer Corporation was founded in 1960. USComputer's Pinellas County service & repair center & retail store serves Clearwater Largo Tarpon Springs Countryside Safety Harbor St Petersburg and allTampa Bay Florida Since 1978. Mike Clark at our 66th St Clearwater Largo Fl computer store. Mike has over 30 years experience in electronics service, repair, networking and computers!
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Call 727-530-4561 For Tablet, PC, iPhone, Cell Phone, iPad & Network Service, Help & Prices

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We've serviced
over 100,000 computers
in the Tampa Bay area alone! 

In store or on site service for everyone. We service all brands of personal computers except Apple/Mac.

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All our employees are Pros and have a minimum of 10 years computer experience.

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Custom Computers
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Support Info for Clearwater Largo Area
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Click Here For Support For Internet Customers

Live In Pinellas County? Call 727-530-4561 For Help


Call 530-4561 for basic help free. For extended free support you must provide your customer number and product purchase date. Free telephone support is limited for non warrany customers, but for a small fee you can purchase support.

Warranty & Support For Store Customers

  1. If you purchased your entire computer system from a USC store and the system was manufactured by USC, you have a one year warranty on all hardware components and we offer you free limited support.  Please call for help 727-530-4561.

  2. If you purchased a computer hardware component from a USC store and we did the installation of the components, we also offer free but limited support similar to but slightly more restricted than 1 above. You also have a manufacturers warranty and can receive assistance from the product manufacturer. Manufacturers Web Sites & Phone Numbers.  

  3. If you purchased any computer software product or computer hardware product via the internet from USC or at a USC store you have the manufacturers warranty and certain legal rights under laws of your state of residence. All support for internet purchased products is best obtained from the product manufacturer who has in depth knowledge about the specific product and product revision regarding the item for which you need help.

  4. Some software manufacturers offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. Click here for a list of those manufacturers.

  5. Please use the links on this page to contact the manufacturer, get drivers, etc. or you can call the manufacturer to get support.

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